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is it worth standing up, just to fall again?
is it worth crying, just to wipe the tears off in vain?
is it worth working hard , just to go unnoticed?
is it worth living, just to die in pain?

life is short, i agree.
but in that time is making a really difference worth it?
is it worth it when people will eventually forget?
forget about your triumphs, your hardships, your failures?
things that mean the world to you,
but less to others than the roadside stray.

while you fret and enter the fray of life,
millions pray for a better day.
is making a difference for them really worth it?

for the answers, one must ask themself
"do i live for myself or for others"
thus i say
finding a purpose in life is really worth it.
my very first poem i wrote for a school assembly :D
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May 25, 2009
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